Seven years ago, I bought my first songwriting notebook while living in Pittsburgh, PA where I was living at the time.  It was a red, spiral-bound Steno Pad, and I wrote “Songs and Sundry Things” across the front cover like it was the title.  I named it that because I wanted it to be the place where I could write down my thoughts about life, my ideas, and most importantly my songs.  For me, that was a safe place where my ideas could live and I could be proud of them.  I wrote my first songs in there.  Eventually, I decided I didn’t want to keep them for myself, but I thought others might be interested in hearing them, too.  So that fall, I started playing my songs for friends on campus or around town.  This brought me so much joy.


Over the years, I feel like I've lost a lot of that joy. I quit sharing the music I was writing and creating, and I've felt like nothing has been "good enough" and that left me filled with doubt, self-criticism, and defeat.  I wasn't sure what to do about it, but I knew that I wanted to get back to the place I was at when I was just starting out.  I've come back to the beginning of things, so to speak, and I'm sharing the music I've been writing and recording at home - nothing fancy, just me, a couple instruments, a microphone and a computer.


So here were are at the start of a new journey of sorts.  Or perhaps just revisiting the beginning of a previous one.


Songs and Sundry Things: All Three Volumes are available for streaming and download.  


For the first time in a while, I can say that I’m really really looking forward to sharing these songs with you.  I really hope you enjoy them.  I hope they make you feel things, think about things, reflect on life, or just give you something to play in the background while you’re cleaning your house.  Maybe they will; maybe they won’t.  Either way, I’m just glad you’ll be listening.

Take care,



P.S.  Check out the FULL STORY here.

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Songs and Sundry Things



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