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Coming Soon... exclusively on Spotify & Anchor (by Spotify)

Join me for The Nashville A&R Podcast, a review show for the newest

Albums and emerging Artists in Music City. 

In the music business, 'A&R' stands for Artists & Repertoire.  These folks work as talent scouts for record labels and publishers, always looking for and reviewing emerging talent.  In a way, that's what I hope to do with this show as I'm highlighting and reviewing new material for you.  I don't work as a 'real' A&R talent scout, but you can consider me your own personal A&R scout for new music and artists out of Nashville.


I'm a big fan of all things Nashville, Country Music, and I'm an artist and a songwriter myself. People often ask me what's new in Country Music, or what artists to be on the lookout for so I usually tell them about the latest album or song I'm into. Now I can share them with you and break down all the best that Music City has to offer.

Welcome to The Nashville A&R Podcast and thanks for listening!

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